DVD - The Quillion of Quality by Jerome Anders



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If you are interested in making the Quillion dagger as required for the ranking of A.B.S. Mastersmith, then this is the DVD for you. American Bladesmith society Mastersmith, Jerome Anders, teaches you how to make the dagger. The Quillion dagger is the toughest challenge the American Bladesmith Society has for impeccable workmanship. Jerome Anders goes above and beyond the requirements and explains each step in detail. This dagger won Best Art Knife at the Ohio Valley Knife Show just two weeks after it's conception and the filming of this video. In this video you will learn: the proper way to flute handles the forming of the quills and how to make them equal on each side (also a clamshell was added for good measure) the fit up and finishing techniques that will help you to pass your A.B.S. Quillion test with confidence Two disc set, length: 3 hrs. and 6 minutes, color, full screen format