Book - The Complete Knife Throwing Guide 3rd Edition by Gil Hibben



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The Complete Knife Throwing Guide by Gil Hibben is considered the No. 1 volume on the subject of knife throwing from beginner to professional. Gil Hibben has one of the most successful lines of production throwing knives in the world. Gil is a throwing knife expert, a prolific custom knife maker since 1957, a knife making teacher, and a member of the Knifemaker Guild's board of Directors. He shows you how to choose knives, build targets, and throw from any distance. The book is softcover, 5-1/4" x 8-1/2" and 64 pages with color and B & W photographs and drawings. For knives to use for knife throwing see, Blazing Arrow Combo Set, BLUC683 and Lightning Bolt Thrower Triple Set, BLUC1255.